Dismal Reverie is an epic doom metal band from Portland, Oregon combining elements of black metal, rock n' roll and experimental progressive metal with a penchant for dramatic songwriting.

Band members include Kevin Ross (Soul Grinder) and Levi Campbell (Time Rift, Danava, Doomsower).

The band is currently supporting Starlit Roads EP and preparing to record their second full-length album.

Dismal Reverie's debut full-length album Fauna to Fiend was released in April 2020 featuring grim 90's-era black metal production and 10 songs dripping with bile. Starlit Roads followed in August 2021 and introduced a new direction for the band, leaning into heavy riffs and dramatic chorus lines.

The new forthcoming album promises heavier riffs, ensorcelling melodies and meaner snarling vocals than ever before.