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 We want YOU to become FILTH ENCRUSTED!

Photo of Soul Grinder under a bridge

We are SOUL GRINDER, a heavy thrash band from Portland, Oregon and we want to release the grimiest slime ridden metal album EVER. Filth Encrusted is a 10 song album that will transport you into a world of chaos… guaranteed!


Formed in 2016, SOUL GRINDER has been laying waste in the Pacific Northwest metal scene. The venomous growl, gurgle, and scream of bassist and vocalist April “Prilzor” Dimmick, the crushing riffs of guitarist Alex Avery, and the face pounding drums of Kevin Ross will leave you melting for more. The EPs of Terraflesh and Queen Corrosia along with the debut full-length, The Prophecy of Blight, brought a devastating mixture of classic metal, thrash, punk and death metal that has been met with underground and critical acclaim. 

In 2022, we victoriously dominated our first U.S. tour with PNW speed metallers, Sölicitör.

SOUL GRINDER is releasing our second full-length album, Filth Encrusted and we need your help to bring it to life!


As we prepare for the release of Filth Encrusted, we’re offering exclusive deals (for a limited time only) on bundles of physical music and merch from our vault. We’re also including never before released Artifacts of Blight, AKA original art pieces made by Prilzor and the brand new Plague Pilgrim Mask made in collaboration with Skull Curse Productions.

As part of this campaign, we’re giving our supporters a FREE DOWNLOAD to the song Chosen, featuring the Wyrd Ensemble of Wyrd Leatherworks and Meadery.


Prilzor is toiling away on the new album cover, and while we can’t reveal the artwork just yet, we’ll be sharing exclusive progress updates through the duration of this campaign!


As an independent band, we are working with amazing vendors to bring the physical music into existence. We’re hoping to get this album fully released by May. While this isn’t our first rodeo with self-releasing, one foreseeable challenge is the delay in manufacturing. We will do our best to be as transparent as possible about shipping timelines. 


Also, if an order contains the new vinyl record and isn't in stock by the album release date, we are going to wait until we have all items available before sending out your order. This is all hypothetical, we just want to warn you of this potential delay. If you have any questions regarding the status of your order, we are always happy to help!

If you are a fan of metal, independent music or maybe you just want to help a small band succeed in bringing their vision of filth and decay to life, we hope you consider supporting this campaign. We know that what we’ll be able to deliver is going to be something unique and we’d love for you to be a part of it!



Alex, April “Prilzor” and Kevin


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