From a gaping maw of scum and immeasurable foulness crawls Soul Grinder - Portland, Oregon’s finest purveyors of bone twisting, brain curdling metal that is as unique and intense as that smell coming from your creepy neighbor’s basement. Soul Grinder has emerged from the muck dragging behind them their second full length offering Filth EncrustedAn aptly named slab, Filth Encrusted contains nine ghastly tracks stacked high with guillotine riffs, pummeling rhythms, and caustic vocals that drip with the sanguine juices of metal most rotten. 


Filth Encrusted is the follow up to Soul Grinder’s 2019 full length The Prophecy Of Blight, and it finds the band digging its heels deeper into their trademarked brand of thrash metal-meets death metal-meets the sound of parasites feasting on a corpse. Tracks like “Melting Spree,” “All Is Dust,”  and “Overload” display Soul Grinder up to their frenzied and depraved old tricks. Drummer Kevin Ross’ blistering tempos and guitarist Alex Avery’s buzzsaw riffs stomp your guts, while bassist and vocalist Prilzor’s snotty and sneering vocal style eviscerates your ears. 


As not to remain a stagnant cesspool, with tracks like “A Foul River,” and “Filth Encrusted,”  Soul Grinder have evolved their sound and embraced a more oozing, sludgy approach. The songs are slow, measured, and as commanding as they are hypnotizing. The equally dragging “Plague Pilgrim” even finds Prilzor exploring melodies, harmonies, and vibrato alongside her otherwise corrosive vocal style. 


Soul Grinder is pleased and ready to defile the souls of all who’s ears happen upon Filth Encrusted. The band had this to say about the forthcoming audio plague they’re poised to release:


Filth Encrusted holds a mirror to a world in turmoil, and delivers a heavy helping of riffs, rage, and chaos! As a band, we know this album has been a long time in the making. We’re ready for fans and newcomers to become enmeshed in the hellish, slimy, grimy landscape. Followers of chaos, this is for you!”

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