What horrors lurk beyond the Marrow Gate? We dig deep to highlight new limited run releases from those deliciously dark underground bands who play by their own rules and crush genres. We also lovingly exhume out-of-print albums and merch from previous eras that need to see the light of the blood moon once more. Once they're gone, they're gone - we carry limited quantities so these cuts can't be kept captive forever!

We shine light on wonderfully weird and brutal underground artists often overlooked by the wider world. You won't discover this rotting rigorously curated assortment of gloriously gruesome grooves and ghoulish garb anywhere else in the graveyard!

Marrow Gate is fueled by our passion for underground metal as artists ourselves. The name Marrow Gate comes from a lyric in 'Bone Chapel' by core band Soul Grinder, run by site founders April and Kevin. April, AKA Prilzor, is the talent behind much of the sinister artwork you’ll discover here and a member of dark rock band Hoaxed. Kevin's solo musical project Dismal Reverie also joins our ranks, specializing in dark epic doom dirges. Direct from the foggy crypt to your ears!

We started this coven to gather those elusive releases in one casket, making your hunt easier while directly supporting these hellacious artists. So come, fleshlings! Let your neck veins pulsate with each new discovery, and not just the same stale rotations. Delve deep with us to extract those hidden gems...the real treasures are always buried.