Many of the greatest movies of all time have one thing in common: a horrific melting scene! There is truly no greater achievement in special effects than to transmute living flesh into gelatinous goo before the eyes of the audience.

Here are my Top 5 favorites:

5. Troll 2 (1990)

In the most iconic scene of the film, a woman drinks a frothing potion and immediately starts to deteriorate, congealing into a lime puddle to be slurped by emerging goblins. Throughout the course of the film, various characters drink  goblin milk, causing them to sweat green slime. You have to wonder if the milk-induced slow melting process lends itself to more complex flavor than instant gooification by potion. 

4. The Stuff (1985)

While there may be more graphically obscene meltings out there, The Stuff is unique as the only movie on this list where the gelatinous remains of a melted man actually attack the main characters. 

3. The Incredible Melting Man (1977)


Perhaps the most obvious entry on this list, this film deserves credit for being entirely centered around the process of melting. The gradual degradation of the character's mind and body is extremely well-done, but the final melting scene at the end of the movie is the true payoff. I love that they included a scene at the very end where the janitor just scrapes him up into a trash can.

2. Fright Night (1985)


From goo to bones! The sheer amount of bright green slime used in this scene is commendable. I also appreciate that the bones don't melt in this one, lending to a great finish with the smoking skull sliding across the floor into the wall.

1. Street Trash (1987)

Street Trash is the undisputed master of melting. Not only do you get multiple melting scenes, the sheer color vibrancy of slime really stands out. Where you typically get browns, blacks, and dark greens, the use of purple and bright yellow really add to the sickening flavor of the whole movie. 

By Kevin Ross 

Let us know what your personal favorite melting scenes are in the comments below!


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Not a horror movie BUT
Raiders of the lost ark!

That scene when they open the ark was killer!

Rade Hendrix

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